August 24, 2012

The search for ever greener and more efficient propulsion systems continues with game changing breakthroughs in propulsive technologies unlikely in conventional liquid rocket engine systems for the foreseeable future. MARCOM is consequently diligently focusing on the development of propulsion systems, the design of which incorporates and affords both reliability and cost-effectiveness.

The MAS-10K liquid rocket demonstrator engine is a forerunner to the CHEETAH-1`s two propulsion systems, the MAS-58K and the MAS-860K, but with refinement. It could also be used as an upper stage apogee motor or as an interplanetary orbital transfer engine.


Our repertoire of capabilities include:

Thermal Analysis Plume Physics
Component Design Thermodynamic Cycle Analysis
Cooling Circuit Design Base Pressure Analysis
Injector Design Aerospike & Advanced Propulsion

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