August 24, 2012


The problems associated with traversing the atmosphere and orbital flight require significant deviation from the more common place aircraft flight dynamics models.

To overcome these limitations, MARCOM has developed LaunchSIM, a six degree of freedom, flight dynamics simulator. Based on the round-Earth equations and incorporating industry standard wind, turbulence and gravity models, LaunchSIM provides a quasi-real-time environment in which guidance, navigation and control algorithms can be developed and tested to meet avionics system performance requirements.

With the addition of complex propulsion, attitude control, staging and actuator models, LaunchSIM provides an invaluable insight into the sequencing of events and dynamic behaviour of any vehicle’s mechanical systems.

The plethora of data LaunchSIM provides permits us to complete the design loop by feeding this information back to the system level, propulsion, structures and aerodynamics, to effect design changes and provide for an improved overall design.

To control and monitor vehicle performance, we have developed sophisticated graphical user interfaces which provide user-friendly command and control interfaces. Besides giving a real-time assessment of the vehicle’s performance, they also permit the development and training of launch controllers.

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