The new space race has already begun.


Once only affordable by superpowers, the commercialization of space is now a reality.

Private, commercial entrepreneurs are now developing systems better, faster and more cost-effectively than their larger government counterparts and the space industry is set to grow commercially, much like the aircraft industry of the 20th century.

This developing market is now “growing legs” with investment bankers, venture capitalists and even hedge fund managers taking keen interest.

With over 40 space agencies now dotted over the globe and the annual total revenues generated by space services and their derived products now exceeding $400 billion per annum, space is becoming a commodity few countries can do without. To sustain and grow these markets, cost-effective space transportation solutions are an enabling necessity.

Investment in space transportation systems is a medium to long term investment without which many revenue generating satellite business plans will fail. As the 21st century develops, those companies which can provide a cost-effective and reliable space transportation system will ultimately win out. In this respect, MARCOM’s primary object is to beat a launch cost of under $10,000 per kilogram of payload and in so doing enable smaller space ventures to succeed.

To accomplish this, a successful space venture must rest on four primary pillars:

1) A highly skilled, passionate engineering complement.
2) A sound, experienced manufacturing base.
3) A legal framework in which private commercial companies can operate.
4) Medium term capital investment on both the part of government and private industry.

MARCOM brings together over fifty years of workforce experience, over 10 years of detailed design, analysis and planning and two years of manufacturing and testing of liquid rocket engine systems.

We are now forging engineering and marketing partnerships with private industry and SANSA (South African National Space Agency) and are continually seeking out stakeholder companies and private investors to complement our strategic position.


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