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MARCOM is an innovative, high technology company developing accommodating, cost effective and reliable space transportation systems for the 21st Century.

Driven by a passion for space and the enhancement of mankind’s quest to conquer the chains of gravity, we seek to develop enabling technologies key to unlocking a truly commercial space frontier.

Designing a family of satellite […]

Targeting a $5 billion dollar launch industry, MARCOM aims to provide launch services for existing and developing satellite markets curbed by either cost, Geo-location or schedule.

With over 65 established “Space Agencies”, a strong global growth in commercial space services and the fact “satellites don’t last forever”, the commercial launch industry is expected to mimic that […]

Integrate, eliminate, design-in and automate. 

Constrained by the laws of physics, launch vehicles demand a highly integrated systems engineering design cycle.

Our “forte” is a precise blend of aerodynamics, propulsion, structures and avionics into a simplified set of systems without compromising reliability, redundancy and safety.

We “are” bold and subscribe to Karim Rachid’s quote ” Don’t follow trends, […]

We receive many inquiries but always welcome a prospective investor, supplier, engineer, space enthusiast or aspiring young astronaut.

Space is about us, mankind, and our genetically coded drive to extend our frontiers. It is not a simple undertaking, however our experience demonstrates it is not nearly as difficult as one might think.

We can’t do it without […]