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About Us

MARCOM is an innovative, high technology company developing accommodating, cost effective and reliable space transportation systems for the 21st Century.

Driven by a passion for space and the enhancement of mankind’s quest to conquer the chains of gravity, we seek to develop enabling technologies key to unlocking a truly commercial space frontier.

Designing a family of satellite launch vehicles around common core technologies, MARCOM is focusing on the CHEETAH-1 CSLV, a two stage, liquid propelled, expendable launch vehicle capable of delivering small and medium sized payloads to low Earth inclined, polar and sun-synchronous orbits.

Launch Market

Targeting a $5 billion dollar launch industry, MARCOM aims to provide launch services for existing and developing satellite markets curbed by either cost, Geo-location or schedule.

With over 65 established “Space Agencies”, a strong global growth in commercial space services and the fact “satellites don’t last forever”, the commercial launch industry is expected to mimic that of the aircraft industry in the 20th Century.

MARCOM aims to meet future space transportation demand, empowering and enabling mankind to invest in and develop new and existing satellite applications which ultimately generate revenue and benefit mankind here on Earth.

Design Philosophy

Integrate, eliminate, design-in and automate. 

Constrained by the laws of physics, launch vehicles demand a highly integrated systems engineering design cycle.

Our “forte” is a precise blend of aerodynamics, propulsion, structures and avionics into a simplified set of systems without compromising reliability, redundancy and safety.

We “are” bold and subscribe to Karim Rachid’s quote ” Don’t follow trends, design using contemporary criteria and, in turn, shape the future.”

Join Us

We receive many inquiries but always welcome a prospective investor, supplier, engineer, space enthusiast or aspiring young astronaut.

Space is about us, mankind, and our genetically coded drive to extend our frontiers. It is not a simple undertaking, however our experience demonstrates it is not nearly as difficult as one might think.

We can’t do it without you, so, stay in touch here or follow us on Twitter.

Launch Simulation

LaunchSIM A multi-body six degree of freedom, flight dynamics simulator based on the round Earth equations and industry standard wind, turbulence and gravity models. LaunchSIM provides a quasi-real time upon which guidance, navigation and control algorithms can be developed and tested to meet avionics system performance requirements.

MAS-10K OX Cold Flow Test

Full flow cryogenic liquid-oxygen cold flow test of the MAS-10K liquid rocket engine. These tests permit proper sequencing and operation of valves, system thermal shock evaluation and a variety of system discharge coefficients.

Torch Igniter Testing

Spark torch igniter hot-fire test demonstrating the enormous temperatures reached when burning rocket fuel with liquid oxygen. Our testing facility provides for handling all non-toxic rocket propellant combinations.